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Dimitri Piliouras, The Artisan Coffee Roaster with over 20 + years experience gained from first hand experienced growing up surrounded by the hospitality industry after being raised by parents who owned and ran successful establishments for decades. Being ingrained with the skills of a savvy hospitality leader from a young age, and embracing wholeheartedly in further learning about customer service and quality product, the wheels were set in motion for expanding the knowledge base outside the industry for a boarder picture. 


With a break in between owning and running cafes, a lengthy international trip for a few months through Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Peru, Mexico, Cuba and the USA, saw an international examination of culture, food, coffee and experiences that expanded the vision of The Artisan Coffee Roaster.

In 2012 marked the full time immersion into the coffee roasting field working as Head Roaster for a large mass-produced roasting factory for a few years in Brisbane. With an industry network of friends outside of that role, who were specialty coffee roasters, green bean importers, competition baristas on a regional, and nation level, the decision was made in leaving that position, to peruse the avenue into the Specialty Coffee Industry.

The Artisan Coffee Roaster is a small batch micro roaster who sources coffee from green bean importers who operate with direct supply contracts with specialty coffee estates and farmers, ensuring a personal connection all the way from plantation to roaster to the coffee drinker. Since 2014 The Artisan CoffeeRoaster has won Awards from The Golden Bean Competition and The Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards for our various blends in Espresso and Milk Based Categories.



Attending university and gaining a BA Degree in Film & Media Production and then completing a Diploma of Marketing & Promotions, the time came to then get back into the hospitality industry. This period was an exciting time of owning and running cafes for just under 15 years from his mid twenties, gaining first hand experience. Being a member of ASCA, (Australian Specialty Coffee Association) led to training & qualifying as National Barista Judge and Latte Art Judge. 


Working closely with Specialty Green Bean importers, Master Roasters and competition baristas, The Artisan Coffee Roaster aligned and became a member of ASCA, The Australian Specialty Coffee Association, formulated Golden Bean Award Winning and Hobart Fine Food Competition awarded blends that paid homage to flavours and experiences gained from the Overseas travels, and since also gained training and positions as ASCA Judge at the Regional and National Barista Competitions in Brisbane and Melbourne. 

As a specialist coffee roaster this is an exciting time where the consumer enjoys a deeper understanding of the coffee channels: the coffee farms/estates, country of origin, roasting process and skill, which in turn aids in their appreciation of this divine bean and elixir we supply called coffee.

Not limited to this roll, our services extend to small business consulting, barista training/education, marketing and promotion media content and strategies, and opening up our networks in the industry we liase with, for recommendations on how to improve your business outside of the services we provide.

As a company we have recently formed synergy with a fantastic company to leverage The Artisan Coffee Roaster's expertise to perpetuate Queensland's great premium and specialty coffee and service with an alliance as Territory Manager for  Seven Miles Coffee Roasters. Having a 50 year history in coffee, Seven Miles has roasteries in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.

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